Digital entrepreneur of myself. Precise, ambitious and independent in my job as well as in my personal life. My dogma: simplicity. Millennial, I believe in a better future thanks to technologies available to everyone.

I am a mobile developer with several years of experience: since 2010 I build, design and develop iOS Universal premium native App as Apple iOS Developer. I create, analyze and share with passion and professionally original drafts, prototypes and mockups through the most important social networks of digital artwork. Always looking for new business models, whether digital or not, I invest in ideas with potential social trend by offering minimal interfaces and functionality which grant instant enjoyment.

In the past few years, I had several collaborations with individual professionals, small businesses and large companies involved in design and development of mobile applications for Apple devices, some of them with server side configurations too. Good looking, my kindness and diplomacy allow me to have always good relationships with new clients and collaborators, also from different sectors.

I live in Milan, work in the world.